Annual Site

Fees: $1,500 per year
($375.00 per quarter)

  • Annual Site holders are entitled to 30 night’s occupation on your site.
  • Fees subject to change on the 1st July each year
  • Tariff allows up to 2 adults and 3 children, access to the park and use of all park facilities.
  • Tariff also includes water and power usage.
  • All sites are grassed and allow for caravan, annex and parking for one vehicle.
  • Extra persons are more than welcome to stay with you at a per head per night rate
  • All guests must register and pay appropriate fees on entrance to the park
  • Pets are allowed in the park, subject to pet conditions
  • Your site is not to be sub-let or rented out
  • Gas is at your own cost


Any alterations or additions that you would like to carry out require Park Management and Council Building Approvals


Please enquire at the Office – Phone:  (03) 5568 1462